The BIOPAMA Reference Information System is brought to you by a dedicated group of people distributed across the globe. The core development is done by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, based in Italy. Across the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) region, IUCN have regional programme officers and technical officers for the regional observatories, and we work with numerous partners.


The JRC BIOPAMA Team, Ispra, Italy

Steve Peedell, BIOPAMA Coordinator at JRC. Steve has worked for 25 years in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Natural Resource Management. In addition to overall coordination, and a special interest in the architecture of the Reference Information System, he is also a contact point within JRC for the Pacific region in BIOPAMA.
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Gregoire Dubois, DOPA Coordinator. Gregoire is a zoologist with around 20 years of experience in developing information systems for environmental monitoring & modeling. Gregoire heads the Biodiversity and Ecosystems institutional projects of the Institute for Environment and Sustainability at JRC and responsible in BIOPAMA for Southern Africa. He cooridinates the developments  and web services of the Digital Observatory forProtected Areas (DOPA), many of which are used by BIOPAMA. Contact Gregoire at:

Andreas Brink, BIOPAMA East Africa Coordinator and land cover specialist. Andreas holds a MSc in Geography with specialisation in Remote Sensing. He worked at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome dealing with land cover related issues in South East Asia. In 2005 he moved to the JRC, where he manages work on issues of competition for land and landcover change in Africa. He is also coordinating the development of the tools designed to measure pressure on protected areas, in particular through the assessment of the landcover change in and around protected areas in the framework of BIOPAMA. Contact Andreas at:

Michele Conti, Systems Analyst. Michele works on developing IT systems, especially GIS, and supports the back-end architecture of BIOPAMA and other systems, including the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC), the World Atlas on Desertification (WAD), Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP) and European Soil Portal (EUSOILS).
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James Davy, BIOPAMA Web Developer. James leads the technical development of this website, using his expertise in the Drupal Content Management Framework. Previously, James was working for the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium.
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Bastian Bertzky, Protected Area Specialist. Bastian has a background in conservation science and policy. He has been working on protected areas and World Heritage sites for the past 10 years, mostly at IUCN and UNEP-WCMC. He joined the JRC in 2013 to support the BIOPAMA project and Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA). His interests include protected area planning, management and monitoring.
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Javier Martínez-López, Landscape Ecologist. Javier is a biologist, with a PhD in Ecology working on DOPA's modeling web services: eHabitat and ePressures. His main research topics are landscape ecology, remote sensing and ecosystem modeling combining different programming languages, such as R, Python and GRASS GIS.
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Lucy Bastin, DOPA Developer. Lucy  has a research background in spatial ecology, remote sensing andenvironmental modelling, and industrial GIS software development experience. Lucy is in charge of development for the new DOPA Explorer, Validator and Analyst Web clients, and the modeling services that support them. Contact Lucy at:

Andrew Cottam, Species Information Specialist. Andrew has a specialist background in species information and biodiversity systems. His qualifications include a degree in Tropical Ecology and an MSc in Conservation Biology. He has worked for over 15 years on using and applying biodiversity informatics for conservation gain, firstly for the UK Government and then at the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge. His particular area of expertise is in web GIS and in 2011 he won the ESRI Conservation Mapping Competition for the Critical Site Network Tool. He joined the JRC team in 2011 to concentrate on developing global species indicators and cross-sector analyses. Contact Andrew at:

Luca Battistella - GIS Developer. Luca is a geographer with over seven years of experience working as GIS analyst and Geospatial web services developer, along with a specialisation in Geographic Information Systems. He joined the JRC in 2013, and is in charge of developing the Conservation mapping project within the new DOPA portal.
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Juliana Stropp - Ecologist. Juliana is a tropical ecologist with a PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity. She is currently developing methods to quantify and map gaps in biodiversity knowledge. Her research interest focuses on conservation biogeography and macroecology.
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Bowy Den Braber - Conservation Projects Mapping. Bowy has a Masters degree in Forest and Nature Conservation from Wageningen University. He completed his thesis on land use changes on the habitat of the endangered Philippine crocodile. After he completed his studies, he did practical field work in a national park in Cambodia, and modelled global biodiversity patterns for the Netherlands environmental assessment agency. Currently, Bowy is mapping biodiversity conservation projects, finding out who is doing what and where.
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Zoltan Szantoi - Geospatial scientist. Zoltan received his Ph.D. degree in Geomatics with emphasis on remote sensing and geographical information systems. His main responsibility within the BIOPAMA project is to develop and maintain a land cover change monitoring system for the ACP countries and to derive habitat maps for biodiversity and conservation monitoring. Contact Zoltan at: ,

Mariagrazia Graziano - Marine Protected Areas Specialist. Mariagrazia is a biologist with a PhD in marine ecology, marine resources management and conservation. Mariagrazia has a background in experimental ecology methods to highlight biodiversity changes in relation to human impacts and protection measures (Marine Protected Areas) and in applying causal framework (such as Driving-Pressure-State-Impact-Response) to describe the interactions between society and the environment. She joined the JRC in October 2013 to support the BIOPAMA project. She is also a contact point within JRC for the Caribbean region in BIOPAMA. Contact Mariagrazia at:

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The BIOPAMA Regional Observatory Team (coordinated by IUCN)

Lawrence Baya. Technical Officer, Central/Western Africa Regional Observatory. Lawrence started his career in Conservation in 2000. He holds BSc. & MSc. in Environmental Science and a PhD in Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management. He also studied GIS at SAIT Polytechnic in Canada. He is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
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Christine Mentzel, Senior Programme Officer, BIOPAMA regional coordinator for Eastern and Southern Africa. Christine joined IUCN in October 2012 in the Conservation Areas and Species Diversity Programme. She is based in the South Africa Country Office in Pretoria and is the coordinator of the BIOPAMA project in the Eastern and Southern African region. Contact Christine at:

Jason Williams, Technical Officer, Caribbean Observatory. Jason is Belizean and holds a Master's Degree in Integrated Management of Coastal Zones from the Marine Research Centre, La Havana, Cuba. He has worked in Antigua and Barbuda and has experience working on the collection and management of data/information, Geographic Information Systems and environment statistics. He is based in Barbados at the the University of West Indies, CERMES. Contact Jason at:

Tony O’Keeffe, Protected Areas Coordinator, BIOPAMA Oceania region. Tony is Australian, and has been involved in conservation management for 30 years - field operations, project management, strategic planning, policy, regulation, education – at all levels of government, for the private sector and with NGO’s. Contact Tony at: tony.o’

Anama Solofa, BIOPAMA Project Officer, Oceania region. A Samoan national, Anama worked for the Government of Samoa in the field of coastal fisheries management, working with villages towards community-based fisheries management, including domestic fisheries landing management. She has worked with the IUCN Oceania marine programme and, more recently, with SPREP and UNEP. Contact Anama at:

Selwyn Willoughby, Technical Officer for the Eastern and Southern African Observatory.  Selwyn has close to 20 years’ experience in the field of information management, as it applies to all spheres of government, provincial and national conservation agencies as well as vast international experience, with specific emphasis on supporting African partnerships. His experience include working with all types of biodiversity information, finding the best information management solution to support research, planning, decision-making, policy formulation, monitoring and reporting. Selwyn is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Contact Selwyn at:
Hyacinth Armstrong-Vaughn, Protected Areas Coordinator, BIOPAMA Programme, Caribbean region. Hyacinth is a national of Trinidad and Tobago and has worked in the conservation field for just over 10 years. She joined IUCN in October 2013 and is coordinating the Caribbean component of the BIOPAMA Programme. She is based at the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES) at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados. Contact Hyacinth at:

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