BIOPAMA Reference Information System (RIS 2.0), our web-based, open-source information system for protected areas across the 79 countries of the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) Group of States.

What’s New

The RIS 2.0 is a major re-design, so you’ll find a very different look and feel if you were a user of the previous system. But don’t worry, you can still navigate easily across regions, countries or individual protected areas to find the information you need, with an intuitive, map-centric interface.

Marxan Web

Marxan Web is an online version of the widely-used DOS-base decision support tool called Marxan. The purpose of the tool is to support the extension of protected area networks using algorithms which optimise the protection for key conservation features at minimum cost.

Drupal Module

It's the first major pre-requisite for setting up a BIOPAMA Regional Node

This module includes:

  • Country Content Type
  • Feed to populate Country content
  • Protected Area (PA) Content Type (following WDPA standard)
  • Feed to populate Protected Area content
  • Additional views, taxonomies, and templates to assist in displaying Countries and PA's
  • Maps!
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