I see a login button. How do I become a registered user of the system?
Registering as a user is simple and straightforward. From the Log In window you can “Create new account” where you will be taken to a simple sign-up page. Follow the instructions and you will receive a link by email for setting the password for your new account. Note that in the initial release, there is no significant difference between a guest user and a registered user – you do not need to be logged in to access most of the information in the site. However, as a registered user you will be able to interact with the BIOPAMA team to set up your own protected area targets and indicators within the system.
I simply want to zoom to a specific country or site? How can I do this?
From the initial home page, this is done in a series of steps. Say you want to focus on Angola. If you click on Angola in the map, you will first be zoomed to regional level, i.e. Eastern/Southern Africa. Click again on Angola to highlight the country. Notice how the “breadcrumbs” (the links in the banner at the top of the page) update as you zoom. Clicking on a specific protected area will drill down further. At any stage, you can click the drop down arrow next to the Region/Country/Site menu heading in the banner to show a summary and a link to the dedicated page.
Alternatively, click the search icon at the right of the main banner and enter the country or site name e.g. “mavinga”
I have zoomed to a site but the shading is masking the background data. How can I change this?
Click on the bucket fill symbol at the bottom of the map toolbar to toggle between solid and transparent fill for a site polygon. You can switch background layers (displaying satellite imagery) by clicking the background icon.
RIS1.0 used to display geo-referenced photos. Why have these disappeared?
Until 2017 there was a site called Panoramio that contained many geo-referenced photos and a simple API that we could use to grab the links to any photos on the site that were within the bounding box of a given protected area. Unfortunately the site was discontinued by Google and this simple functionality was not replicated in the Google Maps site which replaced it. We were able to have some success with accessing geo-referenced photos from Flickr, but this still needs some work so we have scheduled this feature for the next release of the RIS in early 2019.
The protected area I’m interested in is not well mapped. How can I help?
Many PAs are in remote areas that are not necessarily well mapped. We use background layers based on OpenStreetMap, which isn’t perfect, but which does have a very active community to use online tools for adding roads, buildings and other features using simple editing tools with up-to-date high resolution satellite imagery as a reference. We provide a link to the OpenStreetMap (OSM) iD editor (click the pencil icon on the map tool bar). Please note that in order to save any edits, you will need to be an approved OSM contributor, go to to register.


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