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The Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool (IMET) provides operational support to protected area (PA) authorities and managers in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of PA performance. IMET has been developed in the context of the BIOPAMA Programme and in close consultation with several PA authorities and managers to meet their needs. 

The main purpose of IMET is to support comprehensive PA planning, monitoring and evaluation with a view to improving PA management and to ensure that PAs meet their conservation objectives. Although IMET assessments include the evaluation of PA management effectiveness, the scope of IMET is much broader than that of some of the other PAME methodologies. IMET supports a proactive results based approach to adaptive PA management and provides a comprehensive decision support system for PA agencies and managers. Check out these IMET success stories to find out more: Burundi, Cameroon-Chad, and Gabon.

The latest IMET version 2.0.9 addresses PCs installation difficulties occurred using previous versions and it fixes bugs on reporting and displaying functions. The new version enables IMET users to print an "analysis report" with a summary of key elements of the assessment. The report also provides a framework that participants of IMET assessments can use for carrying out analysis and jointly identifying recommendations.

1) If you have the right to install applications on your computer, please download the installation file here (recommended):

  - Download the latest version of the IMET Offline Tool: 

Please upgrade to this latest version if you have installed the previous version or apply this patch. To install the patch, extract the zip file to the IMETOfflineTool installation folder and run the .bat file from the /patch folder.

  - Read the Installation Help 

  - Read the Release Notes

2) If you don't have the right to install applications on your computer, download the stand alone package, and then run it:

  - Download stand alone package for the IMET Offline Tool: 

Citation: Paolini, C., Rakotobe, D. and Djossi, D.J. (2016). Coach Observatory Mission Information Toolkit (COMIT): A toolkit to support coaching missions to improve protected area management and develop the information system of the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.

Other important reference documents in addition to the COMIT:

IMET Brochure, January 2020

Outcomes of the JRC Meeting on IMET Way Ahead, July 2019

IMET Way Ahead: Tentative Calendar

IMET Module on Law Enforcement (1st draft)

IMET Module on Governance of Ecosystem Services (1st draft)

First elements for an IMET Planning-Monitoring Module

Burundi: IMET scaling-up report for the national protected areas network


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